#JGLoveBirds Read Bird Books

Gabriel and my partnership and collaboration on birdy projects (and ya know life) just went to the next level. Yes we’re total dorks and maybe a little silly for having our own logo/hashtag now. But more exciting *bird* things we’re working on are in the works.

One such project is ready to be unveiled – Gabriel and I are creating YouTube videos of ourselves reading children’s books about birds!

I realized we should have done this a long time ago for so many reasons. But nothing like the current situation (social distancing) and knowing so many kids at home to help spark a new project. Plus, to be honest I personally have been feeling pretty helpless during this time. I truly hope these videos are helpful for parents and kids alike.

This project is still very early in development, so more to come. We’re learning and improving each time we read a book.

Link to YouTube playlist with all the videos collated: https://bit.ly/JGReadBirdBooks


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